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Out of respect for the integrity of each individual league, and the people who run their websites, this site will not normally include league tables or information until after each season has finished.

League Chess in Staffordshire

League chess in Staffordshire is organised into a number of different leagues.  Which league you play in will depend on where your club is located, and which league (or leagues) it chooses to compete in.

In the area around Stoke-on-Trent, chess clubs compete against each other in the League organised by the North Staffordshire & District Chess Association which has been running for several decades.  In the area around Wolverhampton, chess clubs compete against each other in the League controlled by the Wolverhampton & District Chess League (founded 1945).  In the Cannock area, chess clubs can compete in the League controlled by the Cannock & District Chess League (founded in 1999).  Several local clubs are involved in more than one of them.

Depending on their location, a number of local clubs may also be involved with the "Birmingham & District Chess League", "Dudley & District Chess League" or the "Derbyshire & District Chess League".

From May to early July, clubs around Wolverhampton can also take part in the Summer League (founded in 1977).

league basics

Not all chess clubs take part in league chess, but like most other sports, Chess does have a league season.  The main season runs from September to March.

In league chess, a team of players from one club plays matches against similar teams from other local clubs during the season.  In each match, each player plays one opponent, with the result counting towards the team's result.  The team's position in the league will depend on its success from match to match.

Where a club does have a league team, most players will be encouraged to try league chess at some stage.  It can be fun.  Some players like to be more involved in league chess than others.

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