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Cannock & District Chess League

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The Cannock League website was created for the start of the 2016/7 season and is being developed to include fixtures, results and league tables.

About the Cannock league

The Cannock & District Chess League was founded in 1999 to provide opportunities for chess clubs and players in and around Cannock to compete against each other.

The league season runs from September to April. Travelling to away matches during Autumn and Winter can cause problems so the Cannock League has a team size of four players for all its team competitions. Along with teams of four players the league has a grading limit on the team as a whole rather than players individually. Better players have a higher grade so team captains can have interesting choices to make when organising their team for each match.

Division 1 is for teams graded under 641;

Division 2 is for teams graded under 551;

Division 3 is for teams graded under 461;

A fourth division was added for the 2016/7 season, with a team grading limit of 371.

The Chase Trophy, a knockout competition for teams of four players, is for teams graded under 551.

For individual players, the league runs the Robert Ward Memorial Trophy; a knockout competition which includes a plate section for those who lose in the first round.

Rate of play for all Cannock League events is 30 moves in an hour, followed by a 20 minute quickplay finish.

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